Two views of the fields where Domino was in March 2001. The yard (barn) is in the hollow behind the trees - you can just see the hay barn roof. The winter of 2001 had been continually wet from November, there was no grass left and even being on a hillside provided little drainage that year - the ground was so wet. The whitish covering seen on both photos is actually liquid mud - in places (like near the water trough) about 15 ins deep - near the top of one's riding boots!. The lower photo shows a close up of that region with Domino emerging to meet me after being fed on the track and hoping for a treat! This shows just how much of a mess Domino was after not being groomed (or even trimmed) for many weeks. Still, she seemed as happy as ever and never got rain scald like the others in the same field did because they were being groomed. It just goes to show you can work too hard on your horse! 2003 by contrast was exceptionally dry and we had very little grass but for the opposite reason!