The Morris Cowley Pedal Rubbers

It may seem odd to devote a page to the pedal rubbers but in fact they are needed - the car is not safe to drive without them. It would not pass an MoT test without them and they are remarkably difficult to obtain.  Only two are used on the car since the accelerator is a metal pedal acting on the accelerator mechanism.

Here are images of the one remaining rubber, 80+ years old together with (below) a drawing giving its measured dimensions - all given here in decimal inches to the (rather ridiculous) accuracy of a vernier caliper though of course in reality conventional imperial fractions of inches would have been all that was intended.

Finally, for reference, and given to the same excessive accuracy (!) the actual pedal heads on the car are 2.75 ins in diameter and about 0.155 in thick.

The availability of rubbers from either of the Morris Societies (Morris Register and BNMC) is difficult too.  A January 2015 quote to have a batch of 100 especially made came in at:

100 off Morris Cowley Foot Pedal Rubbers @5.00 each
P/C Tooling 625.00
Carriage: 15.00
Delivery: 6 weeks
Prices Exclude Vat

Needless to say 1,368 for 100 rubbers sounded rather too expensive for me.  However it probably accounts for the current shortage!

E-Bay is a source of possible ones.  Look for: 'commercial vehicle pedal rubbers 3⅛ in overall diameter'.  Two can be obtained (May 2015) for 7.70 incl post delivered to a UK address.

A higher resolution PDF of the images and of the drawing may be printed out here.