Linking to the BSS web site even if you are Forbidden by BSS!

Direct hyperlinks to the BSS website were at one time not being maintained by BSS in the ordinary way. That stopped for a while when the new BSS web site opened but now in late 2015 visitors to SunInfo are reporting that this is happening again.  You might well wonder why BSS wants to make it hard for visitors to reach them.


But that presents no problem. Basically all you need to do is copy the link in question and paste it into a new tab of your browser.  Alternatively we have several links here that you might use. Try clicking on them but if when you do you are "Forbidden by BSS" just copy and paste the link into a new tab of your browser.


To access them first try to click on them and if they do not work (you might see a Forbidden message!) select your required link from the lists below and/or those to the right, and then copy & paste it into a new tab in your browser.

  • In Chrome or Safari for example, you may be able to hover over the link, right click and select 'Open Link in New Tab'.

  • In Internet Explorer or Firefox you simply hover over the link, right click, select 'Copy Shortcut' or 'Copy Link Location' and paste it into the next browser tab and Go!

When you've finished reading, simply return here to the tab you are using now to read this page and continue browsing SunInfo.


The BSS Web site home page:

BSS March 2014 Bulletin Contents:

BSS 'Free Article' September 2013: 25iii Schaldach Feustel.pdf

Bulletin 'Free Article' by Martins Gills :

Membership page:

BSS Grants Policy:

BSS List of Stolen Dials (PDF):

BSS Bulletin Guidelines:

 Please note: SunInfo does not restrict linking to any of its pages.  Why do you suppose BSS does?


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Links to past editions of the Recorder

The Recorder is an occasional four page colour newsletter for Dial Recorders which was first instituted in 2003 by the then Registrar, Patrick Powers to give some newsy feedback to the Society's band of dial recorders.  A limited printed edition has usually been made available to conference delegates at the annual conference and the whole Membership can usually download a PDF version from the website shortly afterwards.  The Recorder is currently edited (when an edition is published) by the present Registrar, John Foad. Simply copy and paste your required link into a new tab of your browser as described opposite:

Yarnfield 2003 -
Oxford 2004 -
Egham 2005 -
Durham 2006 -
Cambridge 2007 -
Latimer 2008 -
Grange-over-Sands 2009 -
Exeter 2010 -
Wyboston 2011 -'2011-(Wyboston)'.pdf
Cheltenham 2012 -
Edinburgh 2013 - Issue never uploaded by the BSS webmaster. Details here
Greenwich 2014 - Issue not yet uploaded to the BSS website.
Nottingham 2015 - No issue published

Older Links

2014 Conference Information:

2014 Conference Booking form (MS Word download):

2013 Photographic Competition winning entry:

2014 Photocompetition rules: Photo Comp 2013-14 (Entry Form, with Abridged Competition Rules) - Ver 2.doc









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