The BSS Register

The BSS Register is a collection of sightings of sundials made mostly, though not exclusively, by Members of the Society since its inception.  Each sighting is confirmed by written details on a form and many are supported by photographs transparencies or photocopies.

A summary of these data is maintained on a relational database (operating under MS Access) and it is the contents of this database that is used to produce the published editions of the Register that are available to Members.  In December 2009 there were 6433 dials recorded all reported on 9643 report forms. There have been many more added since.

The Society expects to publish its Register at approximately five yearly intervals with the last published in 2010.  CD versions of this Register are available for sale to BSS Members.

Sightings are also accepted from Non-Members and if you are interested to have recorded a dial you know of, then please click on the link below.

Tips for Dial Recorders

Dial Register Policy

The British Sundial Society (‘BSS’ or ‘The Society’) has as a one of its Constitutional objects to catalogue the dials which still exist in the British Isles and to research their history.  The Society seeks to meet this objective by:

Guidelines for those wishing to record a dial.

The Society encourages all its Members to take part in locating and recording sundials which are situated anywhere in the British Isles and in Eire and of dials which were delineated and/or manufactured in the UK and exported for use in locations abroad. 

Records of dials already noted on the Register are also welcomed as they provide a valuable record of their changing condition.  The Society does not usually record the one-time presence of a dial which is not now in existence although it retains records of dials which have gone missing after having been recorded.

Forms to assist with dial recording are available from the Registrar as are more detailed guidelines for their completion.  Photographs are of particular value in completing a record of a dial.  They should be as informative as possible and should accompany the completed form if at all possible.  Photographs will only be used for inclusion in the five yearly registers unless you specifically agree otherwise.

Dials which are in, or are visible from, any public place or are located in places which are at times open to the public may generally be recorded without restriction.  However, dials that are privately owned and generally out of the public view should only be recorded with the permission of someone who may reasonably be supposed to be acting for the Owner or Keeper of the dial.

The Society takes steps to restrict the dissemination of information on dials which are vulnerable by reason of their value or for some other reason.  If the Recorder, the Owner/Keeper or the Registrar has reasonable grounds for such a restriction then this is recorded together with the details of the dial and the full details are not published or passed to other Members without permission.  Access to view privately owned dials, whether or not their details are regarded as confidential, can be made subject to prior agreement of the Owner or Keeper.

Completed dial record forms are submitted to the Registrar, filed by the Society and electronic or conventional copies and any submitted photographic records are archived.  Copyright in all such material remains with the recorder but, by submitting it to the Society, title to the actual material passes to BSS and the recorder grants to the Society a perpetual and irrevocable licence to use any part or all of the submitted material as it sees fit and without restriction - Internet publication excepted -  in furtherance of the Society’s aims.

A summary of data about the dial (including any changes made as a result of any requested confidentiality condition) is recorded on the Society's computer database and it is usually this information which is summarised in responses to queries from Members and which is published in new editions of the printed Register.

John Foad, the Society's current Registrar will be delighted to assist in answering questions or in providing help to any Member who may wish to send in a dial record.

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