The Northamptonshire County Federation of Women's Institutes - Calendar for 2002

To mark the Millennium the Northamptonshire WI set themselves a project to record as many as possible of the sundials in the county.  How wonderful was that? They consulted the British Sundial Society's Registrar, then Patrick Powers, who with Graham Stapleton gave two presentations about sundials, how to recognise them and how to record them.  The result was most impressive and much enhanced the record of previously known dials in that County.  Later in 2002 a selection of these recorded dials was chosen to form the WI Calendar for 2002.  It is these images which are shown below.  The following explanatory text was included in the Calendar:


One of Northamptonshire Federation's projects to mark the Millennium was to follow
up our day conference on 'Aspects of the Sun' by inviting our members to go sundial

With the expert advice of The British Sundial Society we aimed to find and
catalogue as many of the sundials in our county as we could. Our members joined
in enthusiastically and with great success. We located and recorded 226 sundials by
the year-end and we have heard of more 'finds' since then.

The detailed records were all sent on to The British Sundial Society and in writing to
thank us their Chairman, Christopher Daniel, wrote:
"I have never had a response that can be compared with the astonishing success of
your Millennium project, my warmest congratulations! I have always known that the
WI was a powerful organisation and this is an example of how well your organisation

The photographs in this calendar represent only a tiny proportion of the wide variety
of sundials we found.

Malvina Keech, Federation Chairman

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All text and images used here with kind permission of the WI.