The Cannon Bridge House Sundial


Cannon Bridge House in London is at 25 Dowgate Hill, EC4R 3SB. Unseen from street level it has an extraordinary roof garden which astonishingly is about an acre (0.4 hectare) in size.

Installed at an original cost of around £500,000, Cannon Bridge Roof Garden offers stunning views across London, from Tower Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral. The space has a lawn, trees and shrubs, making it more of a private park than a green roof. It used to be open to the public – that is if you attended one of the functions run by an event company at the venue.  Sadly, it is now closed to such events but it remains an amenity for those who work in the building.

Cannon Bridge Roof Gardens is a simply stunning roof top terrace and garden with incredible views across London. The space has to be amongst the most desirable spots in London.

From the garden there are fantastic views of the Shard, the Thames, St Paul's Cathedral and many other views of the capital.  When it was open to the public, a reception at Cannon Bridge Roof Gardens used to be able to accommodate between 150 people seated or  500 people standing.

After the garden was closed to the public it was re-designed and a sundial was erected to mark the opening of the newly laid out gardens in September 1991 by the Prime Minister of the time, Sir John Major.

The dial is marked Copyright  'Solstice' and it (and the plaque's lettering) have been inlaid with black wax, some of which is already pulling away.  An equation of time scale provides a rough correction for local mean time. A thirty two point compass lies at the centre and the inner time scales are marked in 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute marks. An outer scale is marked in 5 and 30 minute and hour divisions. Roman numerals read from inside the chapter ring are used with the numeral four being IIII. The usual Noon gap is provided to accommodate the thick gnomon..

Part of Shakespeare's 77th Sonnet provides the dial's motto:

"Thou by thy dial's shady stealth mayst know. Time's thievish progress to eternity"

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The dial maker is known only as Solstice from the Copyright statement. SunInfo would like to know who actually designed and engraved this dial and anything else that might be know of it. Information to the please.