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SunInfo aims at all times to be entirely compliant with the law.  It seeks to ensure that all content is correct and fair and that it does not violate others' copyright.  We publish all received complaints together with our response and actions.  Any included personal matters and addresses are deleted from the correspondence published here and are marked as deleted.

This website is managed independently of any other sundial related site. The material in this and any connected pages is sourced from several people and resources and it changes regularly.  Commentary and other material herein will also change in emphasis and at any time may not reflect the policy or opinion of any national sundial society including the British Sundial Society, its trustees, its specialists, its members or even the views of the owner of this website. Whilst providing a forum for comment, which may sometimes be critical, it seeks to be a supporter and a promoter of the British Sundial Society, its objects, its concept and its charitable status.  We try very hard to ensure that the information and views expressed, on these pages are both complete and correct and that no copyright has been infringed. Fair-use is claimed where images and text are used in news related entries and links. Document text is chosen and published on this website with the author(s)' permission on the basis that outwith a contract of employment at the time of writing or a pre-existing or any known subsequent legal transfer of rights, the copyright in the text is assumed to rest with the author and that his/her permission is sufficient to permit publication.  If you have noticed an error or an omission on this or any other page or can suggest an improvement, a useful addition,  or if you believe that any specific copyright may have been infringed, wrongly attributed or has been the subject of any actual or implied transfer of rights away from the original author, then please do send an email giving full details to the Webmaster and action will always be taken, apologies issued and appropriate and corrective text inserted.  Received comments will be published. 

Except where permission for use has been specifically obtained and stated it should be assumed that under the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act (2013) and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, copyright is claimed over all images on this domain.

Received issues

On 13th July 2016 at 19:23 we received a complaint from the BSS Bulletin Editor to which we replied in under four hours:

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From: "John Davis" <deleted>
Date: 13 July 2016 19:23
To: "PatrickPowers" <deleted>; "PatrickPowers2"
Cc: "John Davis" <>

Subject: BSS article on Suninfo website

Dear Patrick,
I note that an article from the BSS Bulletin by Daniel Brown has appeared on you Suninfo website. Copyright of this article is jointly held by the author and the BSS. Any republication of the article requires the express permission of both copyright holders. As the Editor ( who happens to be the person who produced the layout), any request to republish must be made to me before it is republished. I have received no such request.

The author can, of course, republish his material elsewhere without consulting the BSS but not using the Bulletin layout.

Kindly remove the article.


Dr J Davis
Flowton Dials
BSS Editor




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From: "Patrick Powers" <deleted>
Date: 13 July 2016 23:02
To: "John Davis" <deleted>

Subject: Re: BSS article on Suninfo website

Hi John,

Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well.

As you know I try at all times to obey all legal requirements regarding my web sites and I am especially adherent to the requirements of copyright. You therefore have my assurance that if the link to this article does prove to represent a copyright violation in law then I shall be very happy to take the link down.

However, it is my understanding that the link to the article in question does not circumvent a paywall.
Furthermore no copy of the article rests on the servers of the SunInfo web site.

As noted on my web site, the article has been linked by SunInfo under the provisions of the Judgment of the European Court (Fourth Chamber) of 13 February 2014:
“C­466/12, Nils Svensson, Sten Sjoegren, Madelaine Sahlman, Pia Gadd v. Retriever Sverige AB”.

If you or anyone else is aware of a paywall violation or of any counter­judgement to the above decision that withdraws my (or anyone’s) right to publish the item to which you refer, perhaps you can let me have specific details within the period of seven days? I shall then be swift and very happy, to respond. Perhaps too within the same period you could tell me what steps you have taken and the action that has resulted, regarding the several other links that there are to BSS pages on the Internet?

Many thanks

Having received no reply in the seven day period (or since) the matter was closed by the following further, final communication:

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Patrick Powers
From: "Patrick" <deleted>
Date: 20 July 2016 23:05
To: <John Davis>

Subject: BSS article via Suninfo website

Hi John,
Just to tidy things up regarding the copyright concerns you had seven days ago regarding Internet hyperlinks and the subsequent confirmation that such links to freely available Internet documents and web pages do not infringe European copyright law, I have now recorded and cc'd, that you and BSS are content.
Many thanks
Kind regards

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