Sundial Societies, Groups and Websites of the World.

Explore the world of sundials!  Here we list several of the world's sundial-related websites together with their URLs and their Popularity as at 14 November 2013.  Some here are the sites of national or sub-national sundial societies. Some are sundial information sites. 

Where a web site does not have a section devoted to your own language then installation and use of Google's Website Translator is recommended to provide a transaltion.

The world's known sundial websites are listed in the table below the plot.  The plot here shows the main websites and their popularities as measured using their Alexa Rank. Where a separate UK rank is given by Alexa then this is plotted in red.  This website is identified here as "UK-SunInfo").  Please note that Popularities are not listed where there was no declared Alexa Rank in November 2013 or where the sundial page is a minor page of a very much larger site.

Country Society, Group or Web page name Founded URL
Austria (German) Die Arbeitsgruppe Sonnenuhren 1990
Belgium (Flemish) Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen vzw 1995
Belgium (Walloon) Werkgroep Gnomonica 1994
Canada - Province of Quebec (French) La Commission des Cadrans solaires du Quebec 1994?
Czech Republic and Slowakia Ashka Sundial Working Group 2006?
France (1) (French) Commission des Cadrans Solaires 2008?
France (2) (French) Commission des Cadrans Solaires 1997?
Germany Arbeitskreis Sonnenuhren der DGC -
Hungary (Hungarian) Napora Szakcsoport -
Ireland Private sundial site listing known Irish dials -
Italy Gnomonica Italiana 2002?
Japan (Japanese) The Sundial Room -
Netherlands (English summary) Dutch Sundial Society 1978
New Zealand Sundial Association New Zealand -
Norway (English summary) North Norway Science Centre -
Poland (1) Zegary słoneczne -
Poland (2) Zegary słoneczne -
Poland (3) Zegary słoneczne 2010?
Portugal (Portuguese) Shadows of Time Group, Lisbon University -
Spain (1) (Catalonian) Societat Catalana de Gnom˛nica 1988
Spain (2) (Spanish) Grupo al_Andalus Siglio XXI 2004?
Spain (3) (Catalonian) Centre Mediterrani del Rellotge de Sol 2010?
Spain (4) (Spanish) Assoc of Friends of Sundials - AARS 1988
Sundial (English) World Sundial Mail List 1996
Switzerland Sonnenuhren Freunde der Region Basel 1996
UK and Ireland BSS - The British Sundial Society 1989
UK and ROW SunInfo - Independent sundial news /archive 2012 
UK and ROW Sun Spot Pointers (Dial news and Information Blog) 2012
UK and ROW Sundials on the Internet (SotI) 1996
USA & Canada (English) NASS: North American Sundial Society 1993

Please let the webmaster know of any societies or pages not listed above, any omissions or mistakes in this list or if you are able to confirm the foundation dates for any of these listed websites.

Website popularities are given here as the reciprocal of Alexa Rank x 106, measured 14.11.13 and include popularity in UK for those few sites where that data is provided by Alexa.

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