Domino 'Powers' 1991-2014

1995 Here are three pictures of Domino taken in December 1995 (aged 4), just after purchase and in the year after, when she was rugged up in the field. In the summer she becomes more of a Liver Bay - if there is such a colour!
Now then, should I be seen to look...?
Hmm, what's this?
Where are the mints then?




Below (left) is a view of Domino (age 10) at the end of the 'rainy' season in 2001 (we had a lot of rain in 2000/2001).  In the photo (taken April/May) the grass is only just growing in the fields after they were so badly poached by the horses during the winter.  Her fringe and mane have been left long to help combat the flies whilst she is in the fields a lot - having been underused in the school following the F&M epidemic. She is still quite thin too though her appetite hasn't been affected!  Notice the 'Well, where are the carrots then?' look....

Below (right) shows Domino in November 2001 after being clipped and rugged up and with the grass being similarly short though this time because of the onset of winter.  Notice the 'care' she doesn't take with her 'clothes'! Domino likes to reach through barbed wire if there is any about and only a leather patch stops her rug being shredded.  No barbed wire in this field though...

Have I stopped grazing just for a photo? What d'you mean the grass is too short? The winter in 2001 was especially muddy.  See here for the state the fields were in!

**** Sadly we heard on the 16th July 2014 that Domino was found dead in her field on Thursday 10th July 2014.  She was lying with her head between her knees and is thought to have probably died from a heart attack****

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